hot habanero seeds collection packs2

60 seeds 6 very hot Chilli seeds collection packs,

for habanero peppers lovers

  •  Red Savina
  •  Giant White
  • White Snow
  • Habanero Orange
  • Bahamian Goat
  • Habanero red

6 packets

10 seeds each

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habanero seeds, 6 very hot pepper seeds for planting collection packs.

Red savina, bahamian goat, giant white …but not Only for habanero peppers lovers

10 Habanero seeds Red Savina- the king 500.000 SHU

Habanero Red Savina is a pepper, cultivar of the Capsicum chinense species. Also known in Guyana as Dominican Devil’s Tongue Pepper or Ball of Fire Pepper.

10 habanero seeds Giant White

The origin of this pepper is uncertain. it is thought to come from Mexico, But only by association with all the other species of Habanero.

It belongs to the Capsicum Chinense species is highly appreciated both for its flavor and for its very pleasant appearance.

10 seeds habanero White Snow

A rare variety with Brazilian origins. The plant has a good structure and is very prolific. The flavor denotes in fact a close relationship to the Habanero.

The fruits are small, about 2 – 3 cm, with the characteristic that when fully ripe, they take on a milky white color. Ripens from light green, cream to white

10 seeds of Habanero Orange

It is native to the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico and the Caribbean islands. Where thanks to the perfect climate it allows it to be a perennial plant. as a result it reach 2 meters in height and more.

10  Habanero seeds  Bahamian Goat

The Bahamian goat is a fairly rare but not very rare pepper, is originally from the Bahamas.

With a fruity taste and belonging to the Capsicum Chinense species.

Its flavor and spiciness are in fact close to its “cousins” Habanero and Scotch Bonnet.

10 seeds of Habanero carribean red

Affter all the others habanero the last is The classic habanero carribean red one of the first habaneros.

our chillies are grown with 100% natural methods on our farm in Tenerife, Spain.


in conclusion, Do you have any questions about this  habanero seeds or other chillies?

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