Death Spiral JD

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Death spiral chilli is a fiery addition to the world of superhot peppers, boasting a unique shape that sets it apart from its peers. Resembling a blend of Ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper, this pepper is the offspring of a 7 Pot Bubblegum and Naga Viper. Its heat level surpasses that of many Naga and Ghost varieties, while still offering a delightful fruity flavor profile.

Terry Smith, a skilled pepper grower hailing from the United Kingdom, is the mastermind behind the creation of this chilli. With its distinctive appearance and intense heat, this pepper is a must-try for spice enthusiasts looking to elevate their culinary adventures. Its combination of heat and flavor is sure to leave a lasting impression on those brave enough to take a bite.

In the realm of superhot peppers, the death spiral chilli reigns supreme with its exceptional blend of spiciness and fruity undertones. Thanks to Terry Smith , this pepper has captured the attention of heat-seekers worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned pepper aficionado or a daring foodie looking for a new thrill, the death spiral chilli is a tantalizing choice that promises a fiery and flavorful experience.


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