Habanero Red savina

Scoville heat units (SHU)350,000 – 577,000

10-12 seeds per pack

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20 The Habanero “Red Savina” is one of the most famous chilies in the world. Perhaps because it held the spicy record until 2006, and also due to its spread all over the world. It is a “cultivar” that was discovered by Frank Garcia in 1989, in California, while walking in a field of chilies Habanero orange . Garcia notices the difference in the fruits of this plant and gives it the name of the mother “Savina”.


The “Red Savina” holds, as we have said, the spiciness record until 2006, later topped by Bhut Jolokia. The pepper of the same family, that today holds the primacy is the Carolina reaper,


The “Red Savina” is one of the hottest chili peppers, an excellent gift for lovers of the genre, it can be used in sauces and meats, it adapts well to numerous dishes due to its vegetable taste reminiscent of bell peppers. Watch out for quantities

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