Habanero White Giant

Habanero white giant ,Capsicum Chinense species

10 seeds per packet

Scoville heat units (SHU):  300.000-400.000
Jalapeño reference point:  100 times hotter

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The origin of this Habanero white Giant pepper is uncertain, it is thought to come from Mexico, but only by association with all the other species of Habanero. It belongs to the Capsicum Chinense species and is highly appreciated both for its flavor and for its very pleasant appearance.


The plant of habanero white giant is very strong, from birth it begins to lignify and grows more in width, even reaching 80 centimeters, than in height. The leaves are oval in shape, with a wavy upper surface and a darker green than the lower surface; the flowers are white, with few petals, facing downwards and in large quantities: about four or five per node.

Chillies can grow in two forms: one bell-shaped, therefore wide and slightly concave at the tip, while the other similar to the classic shape of Habanero. The peculiarity of these peppers is their size and their color: they are in fact much larger than their “cousins” on average and have a very pleasant ivory white color. During maturation it changes from a light green color to a pure white one until it reaches the ivory white typical of ripe chilli; compared to other Habaneros it has a more herbaceous and slightly less spicy flavor.



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