7 Pot Douglah

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Scoville heat units (SHU): 920.000 – 1,850.000
Jalapeño reference point: 109 to 370 times hotter

10-12 chilli seeds per pack.

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The 7 pot Douglah pepper

The 7 Pot Douglah (a.k.a. the chocolate 7 Pot or trinidad Douglah) is one in all the hottest peppers in the world, although its appearance and flavor offer a singular twist to the top of the scoville scale.


This pepper ripens to a chocolate brown hue instead of the typical shock red. It has a flavor that is not only sweet and fruity, but also a touch of nutty. It’s a unique chili in color and taste, if you’ll be able to get past the heat that its peak as in most other 7 Pot chiles.

What shape do they have and what do they taste like?

In terms of shape, the 7 Pot Douglah resembles other 7 Pots. It has a habanero-like appearance, about two inches long, wrinkled and bumpy. The real clue is the color: It does not follow the common ripening color scheme (green to red) of the other 7 Pots and most other super hot ones. Instead, they ripen from green to chocolate brown.

The chocolate brown also gives a touch to the taste. Like other brown peppers (eg, chocolate habaneros), there is both a fruity and nutty flavor ….. . At least as long as the flavor lasts before the extreme heat takes over.

how spicy is it?

There are few peppers higher on the Scoville scale than the Douglah. Full of spiciness, approaching 2 million Scoville units at the high end (1,853,986 SHU) with a low of almost 1 million (923,889). It is up to twice the heat of the famous ghost pepper.

these are extremely hot peppers, so you need to be very careful handling a 7 Pot Douglah. Only the skin oils of the chili pepper can cause annoying chili burns, so wear gloves and goggles if you plan to handle this chili. A small piece of 7 Pot of chocolate can definitely spice up a pot of soup.

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  1. Hanna

    All perfect…delivery and seeds

  2. Mario Bruno

    Great seeds, I planted 24 of them and 21 sprouted.

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