Dorset Naga Orange

Scoville heat units (SHU): 950,000 – 1,200.000
Jalapeño reference point: 125 to 300 times hotter


10-12 chilli seeds per pack.

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Chili Dorset Naga, the fiery record-breaker of 2006, packs a punch like no other. Developed by the talented duo Michael and Joy Michaud, this pepper is a spicy sensation with a twist. The Dorset Naga Orange variety boasts vibrant colors, ranging from green to a striking yellow-orange hue. Despite its intense heat, its flavor is surprisingly delicate, adding a zing without overpowering your taste buds.

This fiery gem from the Capsicum chinense family has won hearts, and taste buds, for its exceptional spiciness and productivity. The Dorset Naga Orange, cultivated by Peter Merle in the Canary Islands, is not only fruity but also incredibly versatile. Whether you’re whipping up a fiery hot sauce or adding a kick to your favorite dish, this pepper delivers both flavor and heat. With such impressive productivity, it’s no wonder this chili is a favorite among growers worldwide.

In my opinion, the Dorset Naga Orange is a spicy superstar that deserves all the praise it gets. Its unique blend of heat and flavor makes it a standout choice for spice enthusiasts and culinary adventurers alike. So, if you’re looking to turn up the heat in your dishes while savoring a hint of fruity goodness, the Dorset Naga Orange is the perfect pepper to spice up your culinary creations.

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Growing Dorset naga

In early spring, start planting the seeds of  dorset naga orange indoors 8 weeks before warm night temperatures. Place the seeds in sterile soil and cover with a depth of 0.5cm. Provide 25 ° C heat, bright light and always keep moist (not soggy). The seeds will germinate in 7 – 21 days.
Transplant the seedlings into pots and grow them until there are 6 leaves on the plant. Plant them directly in nutrient-rich soil, 50cm apart or in large 17/20 liter containers. Harvest the chillies when they are yellow/orange
 handling of this pepper requires extreme caution. Wear hand, eye and respiratory protection.
Our dorset naga orange pepper seeds are obtained from 100% natural cultivation on our farm in the Canary Islands Own production


Peppers take their time while growing, so before transferring them outside, you should plant them indoors and keep them inside for a couple of weeks (approximately 8-12 weeks) before taking them outside. Make sure that the soil is moist most of the time and not dry, but do not over-water the buds. 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature to keep them in. You will need to make sure that the room they are in has a proper amount of sunlight.

After 8-12 weeks, transfer them out the dorset naga in the soil; keep in mind that they will grow more where there is a lot of sunlight. Add some manure or mushroom compost to keep the soil moist and fertilized, or you can also use a mixture of seaweed and fish emulsion.


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