Super hot pepper seeds collection 120 seeds

12 super hot peppers seed packs

The most hot world hottest chili pepper seeds pack,

12 packets

10 seeds each

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Super hot pepper seeds (10 seeds each):

1. Carolina reaper red
The world’s hottest pepper 2.200.000 SHU

2. Trinidad moruga scorpion
The famous Scorpion pepper of the hottest in the
world. A great super hot pepper

3. Dorset Naga Orange
The orange variety is hot but fruity, great for hot salsa, hot
sauces or a super-hot chili powder.

4. 7 Pot red
A classic red 7 pot pepper. This
chili is originally from Trinidad and Tobago.

5. Naga Viper
The famous and  Naga pepper

6. Lemon drop
a heirloom variety from peru

7. Habanero red savina
The hottest habanero

8. Habanero white giant

one of our favorite in the super hot peppers collection


9. Ghost pepper strain 1 (bhut jolokia)
The classic red ghost

10. Cheiro Roxa
a rare and beautiful Brazilian pepper with dark leaves and
a very strange shape of the fruit

11. Scotch bonnet MOA red
A well know red bonnet from the Ministry of Agriculture

12. Bahamian goat pepper
The last of our  hot pepper seeds collection A great habanero from bahamas

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In early spring, start planting the super hot pepper indoors 8 weeks before warm night temperatures. Place the seeds in sterile soil and cover with a depth of 0.5cm. Provide 25 ° C heat, bright light and always keep moist (not soggy). The seeds will germinate in 7 – 21 days.
Transplant the hot peppers seedlings into pots and grow the peppers until there are 6 leaves on the plant. Plant them directly in nutrient-rich soil, 50cm apart or in large 17/20 liter containers. Harvest the chillies when they are fully ripened
handling of this super hot peppers requires extreme caution. Wear hand, eye and respiratory protection.
Our chillies seeds are obtained from 100% natural cultivation on our farm in the Canary Islands Own production


Super hot peppers take their time while growing, so before transferring them outside, you should plant them indoors and keep them inside for a couple of weeks (approximately 8-12 weeks) before taking them outside. Make sure that the soil is moist most of the time and not dry, but do not over-water the buds. 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature to keep them in. You will need to make sure that the room they are in has a proper amount of sunlight.

After 8-12 weeks, transfer all the super hot peppers out in the soil; keep in mind that they will grow more where there is a lot of sunlight. Add some manure or mushroom compost to keep the soil moist and fertilized, or you can also use a mixture of seaweed and fish emulsion.


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