welcome to a small overview of Calabrian chillies here you will find the most used and known in Calabria

Calabrian Diavolicchio

Calabrian origin
-150.000 shu on the scoville scale
Calabrian Diavolicchio is a really Hot capsicum annuum pepper of Italian origin, especially from the Calabrian area and tradition. The fairly bushy Plant produces abundantly small, croissant- shaped chillies, with an average length of 3 cm, of a bright red color. Used for fresh consumption and Hot sauces.

Calabrian diavolicchio

Directions for Growing Exposure and transplant distances

the potted plant should be displayed in bright areas both indoors and out. The plant to be planted should be placed in full sun
and partial shade, sheltered from the wind, with distances between the rows of 80-100 cm and on the row of 40-50 cm.

Advice for Grow the calabrian chillies

the optimal soil must be porous, deep and rich ( rich in organic matter previously moldered). We recommend planting outdoors from April to June when temperatures get warmer. Avoid water stagnation and don’t water-soak the foliage to
reduce the danger of diseases.
Calabrian Chillies, even if they’ve an standing-bushy posture, need a small brace to support the main stem. High temperatures can generate flowers and fruit to drop.

Calabrian Diavolichhio Diamante

Calabrian origin
40.000-50.000 SHU on the scoville scale
The Diavolicchio diamante is one of the most cultivated strains in Calabria. The maximum diffusion is on the Tyrrhenian coastland of Cosenza, between Tortora and Amantea. It belongs to the Capsicum annuum species. The elongated fruits reach a length of 6-8 cm with a pointed and occasionally curved apex.

firstly green in color, they always turn red when fully ripen. To the name of Diavolicchio,, they add the name of Diamante, the urban place in the center of the Tyrrhenian seacoast of Cosenza famed for the Academy and the Peperoncino Festival.
Precisely during this event, this always used for the traditional competition of chilli eaters. It’s a wide-ranging ecotype in vegetable gardens, valued by the chilli pepper academe as part of the Calabria Biodiversity plan. Shaped fruits extended.
They’re used for traditional plats.

Hot long calabrian chillies

Long hot calabrian pepper that has shown exceptional qualitative and quantitative characteristics over the times. The plant is really vigorous and precocious internodes, excellent fruit set with hanging fruiting.

Hot long calabrian chillies

The peppers it produces are extended, very spicy and conical and with the particular uniformity of the fruits, in fact they’re regular from the knot of the first flower to the end of the autumnal cycle. The length is 16-17 cm and the caliber2.5-3.5 cm with an average weight of 40-45 gr.

You can pick this before maturing of a bright dark green color or bright red when completely ripe. With a strong and decisive flavor, it’s to be consumed fresh. The most Known and appreciated for typical Calabrian recipes.

The Long hot pepper is excellent in the kitchen for the preparation of Hot oil, chilli jam, chilli cream and you can use it fresh in appetizers or chopped on Many dishes (orecchiette with turnip tops, linguine, spaghetti).

Calabrian Satan’s Kiss (ceraso, tondo, ciliegia)

The plant of Satan’s Kiss is medium in size, really resistant to unexpected changes in temperature, you can easy grow it and for this reason it’s planted everyplace, nay in small terraces in small pots. It grows vigorous and compact on which are distributed multiple fruits with a round-conical shape similar as a cherry, red in color, with a radius of3.5-4 cm with an excellent and sweet flavor of medium-low spiciness. The is suitable for storing Hot oil in jars or as a fill.

Calabrian round chillies

Calabrian chillies : Naso di Cane ( doggy nose)

The Naso di cane chilli is of Calabrian origins and belongs to the C. Annuum variety. It has a really particular name that has taken due to the shape of its fruits, which suggest the nose of our dogs

The fruit:

The fruits have the shape of an equilateral triangle, on average 12 to 20 cm long and their color changes according to the state of their maturity when they’re immature they’re green or patchy, when they’re ripe their color becomes a beautiful vermilion red.

Naso di cane chilli

Their flavor is fruity and not very Hot. additionally, their pulp is compact ( thick) and firm. All these characteristics allow them to be used to make numerous dishes as a condiment for salads, to be used stuffed, but also in powder or flakes, in the final mode they’re used to flavor sausages. You can be store it in jars in vinegar or in oil

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