Aji White Fantasy

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The Aji White Fantasy (C. Baccatum) is a standout in the pepper world. Standing at around 1m tall, these plants have the potential to reach even greater heights. Their bushy and wispy appearance adds a touch of charm to any garden. The pods of the Aji White Fantasy undergo a stunning transformation from white/green to a beautiful white/cream when fully ripe, resembling delicate bells

Not only are these peppers visually appealing, but they are also prolific producers, ensuring a bountiful harvest. The clean citrus aroma and delicate tropical fruit flavor make these pods a real treat for the taste buds. With a hint of cologne and a manageable medium heat, this is a versatile chili that shines in both fresh and dried dishes. In my book, this pepper is a winner that deserves a spot in every pepper lover’s garden.


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