Thor’s Thunderbolt

Thor’s Thunderbolt
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Thor’s Thunderbolt pepper, a mesmerizing hybrid cultivated by Rebecca Johnston and Trevor Griffiths in North Queensland, remains shrouded in mystery regarding its parentage. Despite the enigma surrounding its origins, one thing is certain – this chili will leave you in awe.

In its F6 generation, Thor’s Thunderbolt proves itself as a must-have for any gardening enthusiast. Its manageable height of around one meter and easy cultivation make it a delightful addition to any garden.

Sporting lush dark green leaves and almost purple stems, this bushy plant produces pods that transition from a deep purple hue to a warm peach with a hint of purple. Boasting a heat level comparable to the fiery Bhut Jolokia, Thor’s Thunderbolt is ideal for crafting potent spice powders. However, exercise caution when incorporating this chili into your culinary creations to avoid overwhelming heat levels.

Cultivating Thor’s Thunderbolt pepper

Germinating pepper seeds is a straightforward process that requires attention to detail. Begin by selecting a high-quality potting soil that is light, well-draining, and nutrient-rich. Fill a small container with the soil, ensuring it is moistened adequately. Place the pepper seeds on top of the soil, leaving space between each seed. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and create a mini greenhouse environment by covering the container with plastic wrap or a clear dome. Position the container in a warm, bright location to aid germination.

Maintain the moisture level of the soil by watering when the top inch feels dry to the touch. Once the seeds have germinated and sprouted, remove the plastic wrap or dome. Continue to keep the soil moist and the seedlings in a bright location to support their growth. Following these steps diligently will help ensure successful germination of pepper seeds.

Pod size: 5-7 cm long and 2 cm wide.

Flavour: It has a slight fruity flavour and you get the recognizable Chinense flavour as well .

Heat level: Hot – about Bhut jolokia  heat.

10-12 Thor’s Thunderbolt chilli seeds per pack.




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