Pimenta de Neyde

Pimenta de Neyde comes from Brazil and was not born from a planted seed, but is a variety of hot pepper born spontaneously

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Pimenta de Neyde comes from Brazil. It was not born from a planted seed, but is a variety of hot pepper born spontaneously in the garden of Mrs. Hidalgo da Neyde from which it then took its name.

Characteristics and particularities

Pimenta de Neyde is supposed to be a hybrid chili variety between a capsicum chinense and a capsicum annuum purple. this pepper is considered an ornamental plant it has a very particular and very beautiful appearance, In fact, it can decorate terraces and gardens by growing it in pots. Its appearance is that of a branched sapling whose height varies from 1.80 to 3 meters, with a crown and a diameter of 1.50 m and is of aubergine color similar to capsicum anuum purple.

The leaves

Pimenta de neyde leaves, with an oval lanceolate shape, about 6-10 cm long. It are purple on the upper page and green with dark purple streaks on the lower page .

The flowers

The flowers of pimenta de neyde are about 1.2 cm are white and the petals have purple streaks and a pendulous and elongated shape. This pepper have an elongated shape  and do not change color when they reach maturity as happens for other species.

The fruits

The fruits appear to be small dark purple almost black eggplants, with a fruity flavor, very spicy (150,000/200,000 Scoville). It is recommended to consume fresh, they can also be preserved in oil or used to prepare tasty sauces.

Characteristics of Pimenta de Neyde that come close to capsicum chinense are its aroma and spiciness.

Around March-April, after the winter frosts and frequent rains, the Pimenta de Neyde seedlings will have to be transplanted. They prefer a temperate climate and direct exposure to sunlight for their optimal growth and fruiting. The layout of the plants should be 3 per square meter.

Substrate :

The  plant prefers a fertile substrate, light soils and it is very important to keep it always drained so that stagnant water does not accumulate. Consequently causing the rotting of the roots and the collar and the death of the plant.


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