hot pepper seeds for planting 12 hot peppers, the best tasty peppers

120 hot peppers seeds for planting, from super hot to medium heat peppers seeds. the best tasty peppers in the world

12 packets

10 seeds each

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120 hot peppers seeds for planting, from super hot to medium heat peppers seeds. the best tasty peppers in the world , Including: ghost pepper, peter pepper and moore

Habanero White snow 300.000 SHU

Seeds of Habanero White snow hot pepper (Capsicum Chinense). The Habanero White snow is an extremely hot pepper, but not the hottest habanero, whose fruits ripen from green to light yellow to milky white.

Lemon Drop 50.000 SHU

The local name is KelluUchu. It comes from the Peruvian Andes, of the Aji family. widely used in dishes with particular and bright colors, fish dishes, hot sauces and salads to finish, as a result is one of the pepper most used in peru

Peter Pepper 50.000 SHU

Seeds of Peter Pepper, it  stands out from the others thanks to his bizarre phallic shape. Many people believe that this hot pepper is very spicy but it is not, in fact it has a consistency typical of pepper with a medium low level of spiciness.

Aji Charapita 100.000 SHU

This hot pepper is native to the jungles of northern Peru and the Amazon, a wild species in short , with very little seeds. It is not easy to find fresh, so it sells dearly. The aji charapita It is one of the most expensive in the world, along with vanilla and saffron.

 Bico Roxa 100.000 SHU

Seeds of a rare hot pepper from brazil, cross between a biquiño and a bode roxa pepper. Which as a result gave this fantastic pepper

Cumari do parà yellow  80.000 SHU

The plant is very tall and resistant. if grown in the ground it can reach 160 centimeters in height, but it also grows well in pots, which however must be at least 10L. It has a bushy shape, with many leaves and numerous white flowers.

 7 pot Pink 850.000 SHU

7 Pot Pink-(Capsicum chinense)-This is a huge pink hot pepper from master grower Matthew Arthur. This peppers can get large enough to fill up the palm of your hand.

Ghost pepper yellow 1.000.000 SHU

The ghost pepper yellow is A yellow mutation of the famous bhut jolokia

 Habanero Orange 350.000 SHU

This Orange Habanero in a variation called Devil for its hotness, but no more than 350.000 SHU. Like all orange habaneros, offers a fruity explosion of flavor with a strong spiciness that makes you feel inside the wonderful world of chili peppers at its best.

Rocoto manzano red 100.000 SHU

Rocoto manzano Red is a very particular variety of hot pepper originally from Peru with black seeds. Born from a genetic conformation and is naturally found even at 2500 meters above sea level. Particularly for this reason, the genetic conformation makes it unique from other species as it is the only one to withstand low temperatures; on the contrary, it struggles to resist the scorching heat but the plant still survives.

Scarlett Variegated 2000 SHU

The Scarlett chilli is a cross between a Purple Tiger and a Jalapeno that was originally bred by Graeme Chaplin in Western Australia good pepper but nof very spicy

 7 pot Primo orange 1.350.000 SHU

The plant is very robust, reaching a height of about one meter, both in pots and in open fields. The stem lignifies for the whole length but keeps the green color that also the leaves have, slightly lighter on the underside; they are oval in shape, with a small tip.

The flowers are about two or three per node, white in color, and it is a very productive plant.

12 peppers pack, 10 seeds each Open pollinated hot pepper seed .

our hot pepper seed are grown with 100% natural methods on our farm in Tenerife,canary islands Spain.

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