Murupi Amarela

Murupi amarela is a chili that belongs to the Capsicum Chinense variety. It is grown in North Brazil, mainly in the Amazon area.

10 murupi amarela pepper isolated seeds 

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Murupi amarela pepper  is a chili that belongs to the Capsicum Chinense variety.  the north of Brazil is the place where it is most cultivated, especially in the Amazon area

The color of the fruits changes a lot depending on the growth. The murupi amarela fruit are light green, when the peppers are still immature, then turn yellow and a nice creamy white at the end of ripening.

The pulp of murupi amarela is crunchy with a lemon aftertaste, like a lemon drop   pepper and a medium heat since its spiciness is not the highest, in the average. You can usethis peppers fresh, ground into powder or used for season foods and in sauces.  And you can preserve in oil, an excellent wild pepper.

The murupi amarela pepper plant can reach 120 cm in height and width. It can withstand even low temperatures and produces many pods. There are also flowers, which have a beautiful white color like the fruits. Cultivation: Chiles take 90 to 120 days to mature.



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